I need some help to fancy up my blog, like from a blogging specialist technical consultant or a blog caddy. Maybe a caddy (cheaper than consultants?) would be better, like someone who, when I'm about to type something, will lean in and whisper, "I recommend bold font on that last sentence." or "Trika, with current conditions, I think you need to be more aggressive on this post--here, use this blog tool <hands it to me> and add a revolving 3-D photo add-in dynamic list banner with audio to the right nav..."

If it looked less boring, it might seem less boring, at least until someone read it. I wonder if Betsy Aoki has a blog caddy. Or this guy, Alex, who does something at Microsoft. Their blogs look fancy. Unrelated: On his blog, Alex pointed out a typo he made, "poast" instead of "post," which I enjoyed. I think I'll just start using poast instead of post, full time.

I have a Spaces blog, too, where I'll poast about what I'm up to (saving lives, feeding the hungry, assorted noble works--that kind of thing) and that blog looks great all by itself, you can drop in little slideshows and change it around with drag and drop. But on this MSDN platform, I think I have to borrow some add-ins or code or something to rearrange things. Maybe they figure that any MSFT people who are blogging should know what they're doing enough to figure it out. Oh, dear.

In any case, boring ol' me, signing off from my boring ol' blog, with two stupid lists and a green background.