• "Is ADSI edit still going to be available in 2007?" 
  • "...Stand-by Cluster Replication (SCR), coming in SP1?"
  • "Using the AD GUI and the Ex GUI we couldn't locate the location in the folder tree...We ultimately used a 3rd party tool (adfind) to locate the file path..."
  • "imap and pop settings don't seem to be available in the gui."
  • "I've heard that PF databases won't fail over in a CCR cluster in E2K7...only MB databases will failover...is this correct?"
  • "the self-signed SSL cert IS installed by default, but it needs to be activated for imap, owa etc...."

If you know what any of the above means, you might have really enjoyed last week's MCP Q&A with Infrastructure MCA Scott Andersen. Scott gave a short talk on E2007 and then spent the rest of his time answering questions and being a fun and casual presenter, it was a really good meeting. You can still register for his 2nd session (Wednesday, Feb 28) from the MCP site.

Just for the record, I do know what AD, SP1, GUI, and Ex are, plus some of the other words like "default," "correct," and "the." (Now do I sound too defensive?)