If Hypervisor, running on bare metal, makes you uncomfortable, be glad you did not attend our Live Meeting on application and hardware virutalization a few weeks ago, led by presenter Allen Stuart, MCA. You can now find the recording on the MCP home page (see recent live meetings on the right side of the page). I owe some of you some follow up; I could make up answers for you but think it is prudent to wait to hear back from Allen.

In the meantime, I know there is interest out there in a certification specific to virtualization, as written by one gentleman: Is MS planning on creating a MCP certification for MS VS 2005 R2? Having worked extensively with the product it would be a benefit for me to have a professional credential that proves my experience. I think that a cert showing understanding of MS Virtual Server AND the way that virtual server applications abstract the physical server would be an excellent cert now that virtualization is becoming so prevalent.

As the plans stand now, virutalization will be covered in the Windows Server "Longhorn" Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) series certifications rather than being broken out separately. These are still a long way out, so things can change. Your thoughts?