In tomorrow's meeting we're talking about the IT pro and developer certs available and coming up for Office, so you can register if you want... we'll talk about Office certs for:

  • Live Communications Server
  • Sharepoint <Server and Services...>
  • Deployment
  • Mobile
  • Hosted
  • Groove
  • Performance Point
  • dev tools

I could go on. But there are better things to do, like walk over and get lunch, or pack up my office in to boxes so the maintenance team can come in and paint one wall red. A red wall; how racy. We'll be looking like a brothel, over here in Building 18. Speaking of brothels, has anyone checked out Howard's new look? He has a picture he took of Snow Lake  as his header and I'm annoyed that he has such a cool looking blog and mine is the same boring old blog in green. Which, at least, is a complementary color for my new red wall.