You all know better than I do that cheaters, braindumps, and accidental-cheaters can do damage to the reputation of your hard-earned passing score or certification. Given the number of questions about related topics:

  • how can i tell if a test-prep site is legitimate?
  • why are betas not offered in <fill in the blank> country?
  • does Microsoft ever actually do anything about cheaters?
  • what can I tell my friend about the exam i took? does it really matter?
  • what exactly am I agreeing to when i ok the exam non-disclosure agreement (NDA)?
  • what's up with TestKing?

...and the helpful nudging i got from a few members of our esteemed community, we will be having a Live Meeting to talk about what's happening now on this topic (there is a lot happening...), let you know how you can get involved, and hear your concerns and suggestions.

The presenters will be 

  • Rob Linsky from the certification team,
  • Shon Hong who works on anti-piracy for Microsoft Learning,
  • Robert Williams of CertGuard,
  • Mitch Garvis of lots-of-different-things,
  • and Michael Alligood, who originally brought up the many questions about our NDA that got this whole ball rolling.

I think it will be a good discussion. Let me know if you have any related questions in advance.

Protecting the integrity of Microsoft Certification (worldwide)

While we're on the topic, CertGuard now has an RSS set up. Check it out.