Something great to report is:

We are co-hosting the Influencer Party at TechEd again this year with the MVPs and other influencer teams. This is our way to say thank you to our customers in influential roles--either officially or unoffiically representing or partnering with Microsoft in some way. It's also a great opportunity for you to make connections with some very smart, very involved people from around the world. 

So, MCPs and MCTs and MVPs and Regional Directors and Authors and, um... y.t. will be feting it up on Wednesday, June 6 at a bar called Margaritaville in Orlando. Is that cheesy? Pretty much, yes. Will it be fun? Yes, don't be ridiculous. What should you wear? Ask your spouse. Can you bring friends? No, stop pushing it. Can every single MCP going to TechEd go? I wish that were the case, but sadly it is not. About half of event attendees are certified (which is rad!) but we can only lock down drinks, food, and dance-floor space for about 1,000 people*. What's great, of course, is that you MCPs will be most of that crowd. Nice.

How do you register? Space is limited so will be first come, first served with set numbers for each of the participating groups (MCPs, RDs, etc). To make sure as many certified professionals as possible can go, please respect these three points:

  1. If you are also an MVP or RD, please use your MVP or RD code instead of the registration code below.
  2. You must be a TechEd Orlando registrant and MCP or MCT to register 
  3. Please register only if you plan to attend
  4. Register here: using registration code: MCXTHDH

*This just in: that is a lot of people