Number 1. Reminder that all cert exams are $50US on site at TechEd Orlando. Here's info.

Number 2. You might recall that we will be offering the beta exams for the two server transition paths (from MCSA 2003 and MCSE 2003 to Windows Server 2008 certs) at TechEd in Orlando, the first week of June. If you are an MCSA or MCSE 2003 attending the event and are interested in taking the beta, you can register in advance with VUE using the exam numbers below. There will not be a charge for the beta exams.

  • These two betas are only for current MCSA 2003 or MCSE 2003 customers. The rest of the exam betas will be months from now...
  • Here are the transition, or upgrade, exam numbers to request when you register with VUE:
    • 71-648 for MCSA (use promotion code LOU648)
    • 71-649 for MCSE (use promotion code PIE649)
  • Only register for the exam appropriate to your certification--i.e. if you are MCSE, you only need to take 649. You won't get anything more on your transcript for taking 648, too. 649 will earn three of the MCTS requirements for Windows Server 2008 certifications - 648 will earn two of those. So if you take both, you just end up with the same three MCTS certs that you would have had you taken only 649. Make sense?
  • More on what's coming for Windows Server 2008 certification: MCPs can visit the MCP site.

If you are NOT going to TechEd but are interested in the Windows Server 2008 betas (upgrade or not), you can make sure you are eligible for betas by reviewing the info here. If we do not fill the beta seats for the 2003-->2008 exams we will open those up after the event.