Reminder that tomorrow, Wednesday May 30, we are having Live Meetings on Vista and Exchange certifications--with updates on exam availability and related training (training kits, classroom training, e-learning, etc...). It will be a short and sweet intro to help you grok* the cert paths, then you can ask questions about the certification tracks and training for XP/Vista and Messaging (Exchange 2007 vs 2003 and OCS) . Register via the links i poasted earlier: 

*Alternate headline for this poast: YT Comes Clean as Grok Poser. I just came across 'grok' in this post, reached via Howard in this post, and now I am going to use it all the time, even if I am using it wrong. i'm not sure what is more lame, that I had to wiki grok or that i am potentially using it incorrectly (i.e. not grokking it)