I am registered to take 70-620 at our campus test center at the end of this month. I'm telling you all so I don't change my mind. My confidence level = LOW. But I do have a 70-620 TK, as we say in the biz, on loan from a co-worker named Charlotte and 12+ hours of plane time on the way to Florida to review it, and I'm installing now (what's that you say? I should have been running Vista six months ago? I'm sorry, you're breaking up Ican'thearyou la la la lalalalalal!) and another friend of mine from work is taking it too so we can have a study group and order pizzas. I don't expect to break 500 but stranger <what's that you say? in a strange land?> things have happened.

Despite this little pep talk for myself, my confidence remains at a realistic level of lowness. But I think it will still be fun. After I take the exam I'm going to mosey around the Partner Technology Center in building 25 where the test center is, it has huge fancy server cabinets everywhere you look and is quite posh. Nothing picks you up after a piss poor score report like parading through servers.