Getting lots of questions on these topics so here is an update for those of you who took the first beta of 71-621 or 71-622 and did NOT take the 2nd version:

  • You have not gotten score reports because they are still in process. Lame, I know, but a fact. Remember how we said we would score those against the new scoring model (created in the 2nd beta) and that it would be a manual process? So, it's the manual process and manpower time that is taking a while.
  • I know the exams are live... but in this case you'll keep that "TAKEN" status on your reporting until we process each of those records sometime in the next three weeks. Again, lame. Again, sorry. But the live exam is not going anywhere and you should still have time to use your free voucher (or the 40% discount on 621 that is coming up momentarily) to complete it if you find you did not pass on the first go around.
  • If you heard from the Regional Service Center that you would not receive a score from the first beta, that is INCORRECT. We are following up with our worldwide contacts to make sure RSCs are providing correct info to you when you call.
  • UPDATE JUNE 12, 2007: We received the rescore forms from our psychomatrician (Sp??) this morning. We will process those (I dont know what she is doing, but something) by end of day tomorrow (Thursday) and then we'll send our scoring models to Pearson VUE and Prometric, for them to apply to your results. Tomorrow morning, Thursday, I should get an estimate of how long that process will take--which should tell us when you will be getting your results from Pearson VUE and Prometric. I will make updates to this post to let you know what I know about the status of this.
  • UPDATE JUNE 22, 2007: The psychometrician info is still in our hands and has not gone to the exam delivery partners to process yet; that means scoring is still a few weeks out (exam delivery partners estimated 5-10 days to process your scores). We are frustrated, too (guess, what, me in particular); in the meantime you can provide feedback here or to your RSC, because this is really bad.<edited 6/22> 
  • Update June 25, 2007: For 621, our data has been delivered to VUE and Prometric. They will begin scoring and sending out results to you within 5-10 business days (our system/your transcript will be updated when the feed come back to us from VUE/Prometric). For 622, we are matching up items from the first and second betas so the first can be scored against the results of the second, as promised (different items than used on 621, which was an upgrade exam) so results for 622 will be a few days behind 621.
  • Update June 26, 2007: As of today, 622 data has been delivered to VUE and Prometric, too. In theory, they need 5 business days to process before they start sending out your results and our database is updated. In earlier, less cynical days I would have told you to expect your results to go from TAKEN to either PASS or FAIL on Monday of next week for 621 and Wednesday of next week for 622. But, I'm a wizened old skeptic now and instead of promising a date I'll just say look for an update here on Thursday June 28 after our meeting with VUE and Prometric; one of our discussion items will be the status of your results and I will let you know what I hear.
  • Update July 3, 2007. Sorry I didn't post on Thursday as I said I would. In the update above I said Monday of this week (which was yesterday) and Wednesday of this week (which is tomorrow). That obviously didn't happen--the exam providers couldn't process the data we sent for tons of reasons (because rescoring a changed beta isn't a standard process), all of which had to be fixed. I don't know what to say. I'm not going to give an estimated date again, because, as someone aptly and understandably puts it below, I'm just setting up to provide "the next excuse." I do know that people at MSL and VUE and Prometric are trying to move this along (I'm on 10+ e-mails per day on the topic). I will post an update again on Thursday. Someone pointed out that we haven't followed up directly with affected customres and that is a good point; I will see what can be done on that front for people who don't know where to get information on the hold up. The Regional Service Centers have been reminded/updated on the situation.
  • Update July 11, 2007. Hello. The exam delivery partner meeting didn't happen on Thursday because staff (ours and theirs) were mostly out on US holiday long weekend. This week it has been back to a deluge of back and forth trying to get this finished up. You probably can't imagine, but I bet many people at Microsoft Learning (me at the top of the list), at Prometric, and at Pearson VUE are possibly more eager to get this done than you are to get your results. Again, I won't put out any dates, because that hasn't gotten me anywhere to date. We are now at the stage where Prometric and VUE build out the exams and then score your results -- assuming we don't run in to a snag for the 65th time in this wierd situation. As you know, this was REALLY rare to have to redo a beta, and we didn't have any process to follow. We did, however, recognize that we screwed up with you guys - partly by not making good use of the time you put in to participate in the beta, and partly by communicating our screw up so poorly. Again, this is not an excuse - but we are winging it through this process to try and give scores to those of you who wanted to take a chance and not participate in the 2nd beta. I'm interested in the pass rates after all of this - as you know we *expect* them to be low given that these are being scored on the 2nd exam's section weights, including new content. But we'll see.
  • Update July 12: Our account person for VUE and Prometric just left me a long message with the latest; she was tracking down all our contacts yesterday to get a concrete update on where we stand. it sounds like both are on track for 621; looking to have first data showing up in the cert database (and therefore on your transcripts soon after) on Tuesday, per VUE. For 622, both VUE and Prometric have confirmed they have what they need from us and it looks good for results in the cert database next Friday. As I've said before - take the projected timing with a grain of salt - and as soon as I get word the scores are ACTUALLY IN OUR DATABASE, I will let you know.
  • UPDATE July 13: We just heard that Prometric finished processing 621. That's right. You heard me. So, you should see results - hopefully some "PASS's - in your MCP transcripts, probably on Monday?? JUST from Prometric for 621 for the moment.
  • UPDATE July 19: I thought VUE's results from 621 were not expected until tomorrow... they must have gotten a jump on it if you are already getting some results. I'm glad. These teams are so over-taxed, they are slipping some localized exams and other efforts to get these in. Give it a day for their data to update in our system/your transcript. I believe the 622 results for VUE and Prometric are on track to process next week. If I hear anything different I will certainly let you know.
  • Update July 19 Part two: Are these updates annoying? I just heard from VUE's team that scoring has actually been completed for BOTH 621 and 622, now. Prometric says 622 is in process (might take 3 or so business days). Again, give it a day to update scores in their systems, then 24 hours to get to ours.
  • UPDATE JULY 30: If you don't have your 622 results frmo Prometric that is because there was some other glitch and: "We have identified the issue and are now able to continue with the rescore for these candidates.  The rescore will be completed no later than Friday of this week, although, I believe it will be done sooner than that.  I will keep your team updated on the progress and completion." Hoepfully this will be the last update!
  • REMINDER: If you took the first beta of 621 or 622 you are eligible to get a voucher to use on any 70-62X exam. We did this because we are scoring first beta takers using the final scoring model (which includes addtional components) and therefore a passing score will be harder to obtain--the free voucher is some 'insurance' that if you didn't pass the beta you can take it in its released form on us. The other reason we issued vouchers was because we wanted to do something nice to make up for what a headache that was for those of you who participated. Again, to get your voucher you need to contact your Regional Service Center and they will look up your name and MCP ID on a list of registrants from 71-621 and 71-622 FIRST RUN betas and assign a voucher code to you.

...and for those of you who have questions about your transcript not reflecting appropriate cert credit after taking your Vista exams

  • If that is you (took 620, 621, or 622 and not showing the right certs in your transcript), rest assured it is being updated now. With new exams/certifications we can run in to glitches with the many business rules that assign cert credit for new exams in our cert tree/transcript/DB tools. That is what is happening here, and we're fixing it.
  • Updates are being made now so your
    1. 620 exam pass will = MCTS: Vista
    2. 621 pass will = MCTS: Vista and MCITP: Enterprise Support,
    3. 620+622 passes = MCTS: Vista and MCITP: Enterprise Support, too.
    4. 620 will credit your completion of MCSA/E 2000 or 2003 if you used it as your elective
  1. UPDATE JUNE 11, 2007

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