This is not just in, but worth repeating: Vista exams 70-620, 70-621 and 70-622 exams are all open for registration now at VUE and Prometric.

Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technicians (MCDST)your upgrade code to save 40% on 621 is DCAUPG

For MCDSTs who find the above a bit terse for your taste*, a little more detail: If you hold an MCDST (Desktop Support for XP), you can take exam 70-621 to earn two credentials: MCTS: Vista and MCITP: Enterprise Support Technician--without your MCDST this is a two-exam path (70-620 and 70-622). We promised that XP-certified customers would have a period of time to take the upgrade at a 40% discount. We will send this info directly to MCDSTs, but I know many of you are waiting on the code, so here is the 411: 

  • Save 40% on exam 70-621 at both VUE and Prometric: register using promotion code DCAUPG
  • Good through September 30, 2007
  • Can not be combined with other offers
  • 70-621 only applies to MCDST-certified customers (i.e. if you don't have an MCDST, 70-621 doesn't do anything for you)
  • Objectives for 70-621:
  • Is there a 70-621 Training Kit? No, but 70-620 should help you quite a bit. Watch the Vista portion of this LIve Meeting recording for up-to-date details on the credentials and available training...

*I got feedback a while ago that my e-mails at work sometimes come across as curt or rude. But that's an accident, I just intended to be efficient, not mean. But I'm working on being more peppy, YOU!!! Thxxxxxxxx for understanding, kitten! UR Gr8!!!!!!! :-) Lv u, mn it. :-)

btw: I will respond about 62X results/transcript updates in a separate poast <she says, somewhat abruptly>