Hi, it's Trika, reporting on a few things.

We (Microsoft Learning) just hired Program Manager for MCP to make sure all the parts of your program are working right AND work on other ways of making your status as a Microsoft Certified professional helpful to you (benefits etc). His name is George, and we are really excited that he joined our team. You can check him out via his blog for his current gig at Microsoft here. When he gets going at Microsoft Learning I imagine you'll be hearing more about and from him. He's not even officially in his role yet, but stopped by my office today to kick around some ideas about welcome kits. And he showed me his MCP wallet card. Which he had in his wallet. Rad.

Another thing, a while ago we hired a new guy to run our planning team for certification (not just IT pro and developer - but our long-term future strategy for certification and what not across the board). His name is Bill Wall. I have heard bits and pieces about him and have worked with him a little over here - but I actually learned more about him via my efforts to snoop out some dirt on George.

And one more other thing. We have profiles in the MCP newsletter and on MIcrosoft.com of certified people and of late have been featuring lots of MSFT employees. This month there was a profile on Gerry O'Brien from Microsoft Learning, who is a great guy and apparently has spent many an hour taking exams. Maybe you'd like to check it out.

PS George is MCSE 2000. We'll have to remind him that 70-292 and 70-296 retire in March 2008...