We just published an update to our community page--it now points to a bunch of forums y'all suggested as good place to talk about and learn about certification from your peers. This is meant to be a good place for new-to-cert people to start. Be nice to them. If you have other suggestions, let us know.

Also added links to a few other MSL blogs - that of our new MCP Program Manager, George P - he is great! and that of Juliana on the MIcrosoft Press team. Check them out and say hello, I bet they'd love to hear from you...

Speaking of community, I just went to the bloggers luncheon ("Eat My Blog") at TechEd Australia, run by the v. charismatic and slightly crazy Frank, instigator of TechED LOL cats and general whistle blower (literally... he was blowing a whistle when he wanted one of his panel to stop talking...). He is moving his MSFT gig from Australia to Redmond, to my building (18), no less, so that is fun to meet him here. My favorite thing at the luncheon was when one of the MIcrosoft panelists said the value of blogging was getting feedback from the community, which "... allows us to cut back on the number of stupid decisions we make." I thought that was funny.

In other TechEd news, a gentleman at the booth today asked if he could borrow a skirt from me for tomorrow. Is this standard Australia behavior, like being friendly, eating lamb, and ending everything in "o" or "ies"?