Based on my learnings from this year (we just finished our fiscal '07), I have instituted a few new policies for MCP communications.

You know how we feature real MCPs in the MCP newsletter, with their picture, and profile, and what not? So I approve a guy from Mexico with a headline celebrating--he told us--a famous fish from his hometown. We vetted that and sent out the newlsetter to 750k+ people around the world. The next day I get a call from Microsoft Mexico, and the global PR team... apparently the fish name is coincidentally the nickname of a political figure who was in the middle of some revolutionary stirrings in a fraught, election-period timeframe...

  • Hence, our industry-leading policy against accidental endorsement of political upheaval.

Another MCP we had queued up to send out in the newsletter is a great photographer - we pointed to his photography site from as part of his profile. Right before the newsletter sent, one of our content managers called to my attention that some of the photos were "not, um, really, appropriate for" In fact, in between photos of smiling faces and stunning vistas, there were many gorgeous women in some seriously racy photos. RACY, I tell you! Excellent photography, but probably not appropriate for a Microsoft-authored missive...

  • Hence, our groundbreaking policy against promotion of erotic photos via

A designer created this image to post it on our community page on Luckily someone was paying attention and we pulled it in recognition that the two fingers, in some countries, don't, in fact, symbolize "Peace." Leading to yet another new policy: 

  • The new "don't tell your customers to F-off on the community page" policy.

Let me know if you feel strongly about any other cutting edge policies we might want to implement. This job is funny.