a few more things to report from TechEd gold coast. If you are reading this and you have your MCTS: Vista or MCTS: Exchange will you send me an e-mail? I'd like to do a fishbowl interview with you tomorrow (Friday) so people can find out that it is just one exam to earn those certs... if you help me you'll be sick famous on virtualteched and you'll get an excellent thank you gift (bigger than a timtam, smaller than a wombat).

my presentation was really fun, thanks for asking. In the middle of it, though, the air conditioner freaked out or somethign and the A/V guy later reported that when that happened, "all the air was SUCKED OUT OF THE ROOM" causing the moveable walls to start collapsing in on us... but I was so busy talking my head off that I didn't notice. And no one passed out, so all's well. Originally I planned to talk about all of our certs paths, but for time reasons couldn't do it and I'm afraid developer + DB-focused peeps were disappointed. If that was you, send me a note. I'll apologize adn tell you what you need to know.

I just did half of a cool lab using Orcas in the developer section of the show floor. You use VS2008 to create a room, with chairs and chandeliers and what not. Then they print out your little virtual room and put it on a t-shirt, or you can check out your room on live. When i finish my lab i'll poast a link... i bet you are on pins and needles. And, I bet you are threatened by my nascent programming skills. 

Stand back, I'm about to go drink coffee through a timtam straw.