I feel like some kind of Tech.Head, just following the event around the world, standing outside the convention center each day of the show, comparing this session list to the last show ("steve riley will blow your MIND in SEC303, man..."), selling incence and tie-dyed smart phone cases.

Tech.Ed New Zealand started this morning, I'll be hanging around the Auldhouse booth - our training partner - on the exhibition floor most of the time; standing around at Ask the Experts tonight; and doing a lunch session tomorrow, Tuesday, at 1:40pm. It is just 30 minutes, so here's the agenda I'm planning

  • talk about myself (24 minutes)
  • Vista, Exchange, and WS2008 certs (90 seconds each)
  • Q&A/discussion of other certs ie. VS2005/8, SQL2005/Katmai, Office.. (plenty of time, and by that I mean 1.5 minutes)

If you'd like to see the presentation organized differently, i.e. weight the section where I talk about myself more heavily, let me know. I'm not locked in to this.

Your friend,