I am taking a vacation*. For most of you, who care not one whit what I do, this is not newsworthy. For the tiny minority of you who are tracking my travel plans**, you might be interested to know that I am going to be on holiday on the south island of New Zealand starting right now. It will be cold, I hear (I have packed rain gear, fleecy outfits, and a hat), and beautiful, with lots of mountains and good wine. I have two books packed:

  1. Leaving Microsoft to Save the World by John Wood. I am reading this because my dad gave it to me.
  2. Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis. I am reading this because I am a fan of bad autobirawkgraphies.

Maybe I will have something interesting to say on this blog when I get back, either about libraries in Nepal, rock-star exploits, or sheep.

Your friend,


* If you send me an e-mail and my out-of-office bounceback tells you that it is November 2006 and I am in Barcelona, don't buy it for one minute. it is just not true.

**please note that this has not gotten any less creepy from last time we discussed it