Hello. Apparently, even with YT out of the office, people were still able to accomplish things at MIcrosoft. Though this damages my sense of self-worth and hurts my feelings a little, I won't stop you from hearing the new bits, as follows:

  1. Lifecycle policies for new generation (that I poasted about earlier) are now official on the microsoft.com/learning site. On my earlier post you made some good points and questions, look for more info soon. 
  2. Number of certified professionals... updated as of August 20 with all the new certifications included. In related news, I enjoy the smart ass posters who frequent our newsgroups. i.e. "I was about to swear off Microsoft certifications forever but then they updated the Number of MCPs page...When I looked at it, I realized how special I am. My Microsoft certifications really validate my existence." (Full post here, but FYI these particular smart asses have demonstrated poor social graces--at least in the newsgroups--so brace yourself.)
  3. Speaking of new certifications, here are pointers to some new or updated introductory pages. In no particular order:
  4. the Windows Server 2008 learning portal has been updated with some new info and offers. Check it.

It is clear that I am not needed here; I plan to return to New Zealand immediately.