Does anyone remember the baseball hats we made a few years back - they said CertifiedRockstar, CertifiedGo-to-Guy, CertifiedMagician, and CertifiedFirefighter. We gave them out at events to MCPs, who are rock stars and magicians, as you know.

We've gotten requests to make more of these, so I wanted to know if you guys have any suggestions for what the new ones should say. Here are my ideas.

  • CertifiedBaller.Shot-caller
  • CertifiedAllthatandabagofchips

It seems highly unlikely we will see these on hats anytime soon.

It would also be cool to make a limited-edition hat just for lady MCPs. Ideas? Here are mine: CertifiedGeekgrrrl or CertifiedXOXOXAML or CertifiedForget your failover, I can't find my lipstick. I'm just kidding, of course.

If we pick your suggestion someone will send you 20 of said hats, and a bag of chips.