as you know, there are no windows server 2008 exams available yet. the first opportunity will be the transition exams for MCSA and MCSE on 2003--those exams will be live on October 29. If you are one of the many MCSA and MCSE on WIndows Server 2003 who want to take them right away, here is a reminder of what you can be doing now to prepare:

  • Review the prep guides to find out what you need to study.
  • Now that you know what you might not know, look for ways to study up. This stuff is from us, Microsoft Learning, and some of it is free. 
    • 2 free "e-books" (these are not full books, but a handful of chapters/excerpts from each title) that you might want to check out. You need to register online and subscribe to the Microsoft Press newsletter to get the downloads:
      • Introducing Windows Server 2008: Usage scenarios, Windows Server virtualization, Managing Windows Server 2008, Managing server roles, Windows Server core...
      • Microsoft Windows PowerShell Step by Step: Overview of Windows PowerShell, Using Windows PowerShell cmdlets, Leveraging PowerShell providers.
    • free e-learning clinic that intros new features (server virtualization, security and policy management, branch office management, centralized application access, and server management)
    • 15% off offer on upgrade e-learning specific to those of you already up to speed on 2003. Lots of topics and includes virtual labs. Also this: Sign up for this collection now and get free registration for three upgrade collections on Networking, Active Directory, and Application Platform Services as they become available.
    • classroom courses in the market now just for people transitioning skills from 2003, in addition to a lot of "first look" clinics.

Here's where to find all of that. Other things to be doing... check out product sites and look around for pointers from people who are already ramping up.

<added Oct 15>The marketing team is wondering if anyone around here would be up for an on-camera discussion of the early readiness material for Server 2008... so if you have used any of that training and live in the area, send me a note and I'll pass your name along!