Feel free to share this with your System Center Operations Manager (SCOM)-aware colleagues: beta is open until October 26 for Exam 71-400: TS: Microsoft® System Center Operations Manager, Configuring. If you don't know much about betas, read this or this first.

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71-400: TS: Microsoft® System Center Operations Manager, Configuring counts as credit towards MCTS: System Center Operations Manager, Configuration.


  • Registration begins: October 4, 2007
  • Beta exam period runs: October 4, 2007– October 26, 2007
  • Receiving this invitation does not guarantee you a seat in the beta; we recommend that you register immediately. Beta exams have limited availability and are operated under a first-come-first-served basis. Once all beta slots are filled, no additional seats will be offered.
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  • Regional Restrictions: India, China, and Pakistan

Registration Information

  • You must register at least 24 hours prior to taking the exam.
  • Please use the following promotional code when registering for the exam: TSCCM
  • Receiving this invitation does not guarantee you a seat in the beta; we recommend that you register immediately.
  • To register in North America, please call Prometric: (800) 755-EXAM (800-755-3926)
  • Outside the U.S./Canada, please contact: Prometric

Test Information and Support

  • You are invited to take this beta exam at no charge.
  • You will be given four hours to complete the beta exam. Please plan accordingly.
  • Find exam preparation information: Prep guide not available yet

Exam topics:

Configuring System Center Operations Manager 2007

  • Configure notification
  • Manage roles
  • Configure System Center Operations Manager options
  • Discover and deploy agents within a trusted Active Directory (AD) forest
  • Discover and deploy agents to non-AD systems

Deploy and configure Management Packs

  • Import a Management Pack
  • Configure overrides
  • Configure a self-tuning threshold
  • Migrate a Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 Management Pack to System Center Operations Manager 2007
  • Configure diagnostics and recoveries for a rule or monitor

Build and deploy custom Management Packs

  • Configure security options
  • Configure discovery for Management Packs
  • Create monitors and rules
  • Create a distributed application
  • Create a synthetic transaction

Maintaining System Center Operations Manager

  • Maintain System Center Operations Manager infrastructure
  • Create views
  • Create tasks
  • Fail over from Root Management Server (RMS)
  • Back up and restore System Center Operations Manager
  • Managing and maintaining reports

Configuring client monitoring

  • Configure Audit Collection Service (ACS)
  • Configure Agentless Exception Monitoring (AEM)
  • Configure Collective Client Monitoring (CCM)
  • Configure Business Critical Client Monitoring (BCCM)