Hello, this just in. new things in MCP benefits are now available online. Great! In addition to the Community Profiles I talked about already, MCPs now have access to the partner-level Knowledge Base. If you don't know what that means, it is a password-protected, more in-depth Knowledge Base than the public version. So you can log-in with your MCP credentials and find articles and how-tos that were just for people in Microsoft Partner organizations or MVPs in the past, I believe; make yourself useful around the office, for once, with your new Microsoft troubleshooting info and insiders' tips.

MCTs, now, can write and publish articles to the Knowledge Base, too, which is a great way to build recognition & help the community--plus nice recognition of how much expertise our trainers have on MSFT technology.

Other things we're tying out are a Certificate Manager--where you can create a downloadable certificate and print it out yourself if you are sick of waiting for yours in the mail (not that that would ever happen, of course). It works for certificates the same way that Logo Builder does--where you create a file based on the certifications you've earned, then store it and download or print or whatever you want to do with it. Plus there is some new fanciness with your official transcript, if you want to download it or print it.

More bits, links, and info on the MCP site:

Find out what is new for MCPs.

George, our MCP program manager, does an excellent job introducing all the bits; check it out. And register for the October 31 Live meeting, if you haven't already, to say hello and hear his vision for the program.

I hope everything is working. If not, I have a certain level of confidence that you will not hesitate to tell me.