I think these posts on the actual process of applying for and sitting your panel review for Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA) are interesting. There is good reason that the MCA has such a great reputation--it is a pretty thorough process...

  • Richard was at Microsoft when he went through his early-days MCA process (he passed)
  • Congratulations to Natasha for passing her board! Read her advice.
  • Miha has a pretty funny story. Not funny ha-ha. More roundhouse-to-the-shins funny. On the MCA blog.

The Ranger programs (for database and messaging architecture) are another facet of MCA and part of our Microsoft Certification program. The Ranger director, Per, is going to talk about the program and process in our MCP meeting on Wednesday, another reason to attend: meeting info.

Do come, unless you have something better to do, like get punched in the head.