It is Halloween here. At Microsoft it is kind of a big deal, campus pretty much shuts down and people bring their kids, and their kids bring people, and thousands go trick-or-treating through the hallways, bangin' out adorable pleas for candy in little costumes.

Microsoft's campus rules for today include:

  • No pyrotechnics
  • Hay bales and corn stocks must be pre-treated with flame retardent
  • Parties have to end by 10 pm

Last year, I wore a powder-blue, 1980s bridesmaid dress, with puffy sleeves, to work but no one said anything about my costume. I think they thought I was just wearing a slightly more unusual outfit, and maybe imagined that I thought I looked nice and felt sorry for me.

So no costume, today. But now I'm a little sad because ol' Ken Rosen down the hall has a cape on, and I like capes! And there are decorations in the hallway, and candies in bowls.

Don't be skerred, surressly. It's just Ken Rosen, former MCT Program Manager, in a cape.