Advance notice that you won't be able to order welcome kits or certificates, if you happen to be eligible for one, between November 29 and December 6, 2007. This is true for orders from the MCP site and orders/re-orders/changes placed through the Regional Service Centers. we are making some system updates, to reduce shipping-address related errors and get you your kits faster, among other things... If you are desperate* for proof of certification in that time period, you can use the download/print function to get your same Certificate, but digitally; or print your transcript. Things should go back to normal on December 7. Thanks in advance for not freaking out, pls k thx.

*If the reason you are concerned about this is because you were planning to order your MCP welcome kit in time for the holidays, maybe to give to your wife as a gift, I think that is a bad idea anyway. I bet she would rather have something else. Something more romantic, more about her... Like, for example, a hat that says: "Certified. By Chuck Norris."