We're hosting a January 23 meeting to update you on Visual Studio certifications--and anything else you want to talk about, as long as it is somewhat related*. I'm pleased because, in this meeting, we can introduce some new-ish team members focused on dev cert:

  • Gerry, developer product planner (you've heard of him)
  • Jeff, dev cert product manager (you may not know him yet)

I anticipate that you will like them both.

Microsoft Certification for Developers

Join the Microsoft Certification team to find out what is new, and what you need to know, for your next step in developer certification. In this meeting, we will introduce our plans for Visual Studio 2008 training and certification, review the Visual Studio 2005 certifications, and have plenty of time to answer questions about your individual path or scenario. Click to register for:


* For example, you might want to ask how a certain old-world banana is faring in the good old U-S-of-A.