Oh, don't mind me, typing a little something from my new office.

We shuffled offices around again, as is our wont. Now I have one blue wall, instead of one red. And a window to the outside, instead of a window to the hallway and Jeff Hora's office.* And gifts from the previous resident, including but not limited to:

  • Salt and pepper shakers, one set
  • Toilet paper, one roll


Not too shabby.

But back to business.

We make all sorts of training (classroom courses, books, e-learning, webcasts, exams), and some people are researching how to classify the experience level so it works for all the different products. For example

  • 100-level, 200-level …
  • Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, Power-user….
  • Or: 1, 2, 3…

The idea is to help you pick training/skills development tools at the right level so you're not annoyed if it is too hard or easy; make it match/work with what training providers and students are using/used to; make it applicable to as much of the world as possible; be the same no matter what group at Microsoft made the training, etc.

You have probably tried different types of training from different companies. So what classifications do you think work?  

*Not that a view of Jeff Hora is anything to sneeze at.