If you do NOT work with Home Theatre, in a sales or technology role, you will not care about this information. Something else you will not care about is how I just tripped on nothing, and kind of flew through the air in front of this guy Jeff's office, and I said that's embarrasing and he said oh, I thought you were jogging.

But back to business.

We are developing two exams to support those of you working with Vista Home Theatre. These were developed primarily for Microsoft Partner organizations (the big orgs who are focused mostly on consumer product sales and support), and I don't have much info, but for those of you who are interested the betas are open now and you are welcome to participate. In fact, we'd love it.

  • Exam 70-625, Windows Vista Connected Experience: Home Theater for Technologists
  • Exam 70-626: Vista Connected Experience: Home Theater for Sales Professional

As far as what to study... you're kind of on your own here. When I hear that prep guides or anything else useful is available, I'll add to this poast. A poastscript! ---------------------------------------------

<updated December 21>Here is my belated poastscript, sorry for the delay. Egan already pointed out that the prep guides are live (thanks Egan!)

…and I’ve been meaning to add this info I picked up on a thread internally (thanks J!). "There are no requirements or prerequisites to take the exams – anyone can test on them and the length of study would depend on the background of the candidate. We have about 8 or so hours of E-Learning (see the prep guides) in the works to support the test but also experience and general knowledge and other training material covering basic networking, Vista, Home Server, etc. would apply as well. The beta is 180 minutes (225 minutes allowed for total seat time to complete NDA, comments, etc.). No release date scheduled yet –post February 2008."


would these touch at all on XP Media Center Edition?

Technically these tests are primarily new technologies so they deal with Vista rather than XP. That said, the Media Center components that sit on top of Vista and XP are similar and the Technologist test (70-625) covers both Media Center Extender version 1 and 2.------------------------------

Beta Information

If you pass the beta exam, the exam credit will be added to your transcript and you will not need to take the exam in its released form.

By participating in beta exams, you have the opportunity to provide the Microsoft Certification program with feedback about exam content, which is integral to development of exams in their released version. We depend on the contributions of experienced IT professionals and developers as we continually improve exam content and maintain the value of Microsoft certifications.

Please remember that participation in the beta process is completely voluntary and Microsoft makes no promises or guarantees regarding the beta exam process. You can expect to receive your score on the beta exam within 12 weeks of taking the exam, although in some instances, beta exams may take longer to score and your results may be delayed.


Betas are open until March 31, 2008 (updated in late Feb)

Receiving this invitation does not guarantee you a seat in the beta; we recommend that you register immediately. Beta exams have limited availability and are operated under a first-come-first-served basis. Once all beta slots are filled, no additional seats will be offered.

Testing is held at Prometric and Pearson VUE testing centers worldwide, although this exam may not be available in all countries (see Regional Restrictions).  All testing centers will have the capability to offer this exam in its live version.

  • Regional Restrictions: India
  • You are invited to take this beta exam at no charge.
  • You will be given four hours to complete the beta exam. Please plan accordingly.

Registration Information

You must register at least 24 hours prior to taking the exam.
Receiving this invitation does not guarantee you a seat in the beta; we recommend that you register immediately.


  • 71-625: PAGHT
  • 71-626: PAGSP

To register in North America, please call Prometric: (800) 755-EXAM (800-755-3926)

Outside the U.S./Canada, please contact Prometric: http://www.register.prometric.com/ClientInformation.asp