I'm wearing the same pants, for the third day in a row. I hope no one notices. In other news, I have two things to say about beta exams. 

Gerry O'Brien posted an explanation of what happens to your comments and feedback on the betas. You can read that here. Thank you, Gerry.

When taking a beta exam at Prometric, you add comments by marking a question for reviewThe "mark for review" option covers both true reviews (i.e., I want to return to check my answer) and marking beta items for comment during the comment period.

I'm pointing this out because this was, I'm told, handled differently by VUE (there was a separate "select comment for review" option, I guess) and we've had questions from some of you after taking a first beta at Prometric. More info from our team:

Here’s how it works at Prometric: All MS exams have a checkbox in the upper left hand corner of each item that allow the candidate to mark an item for review. After a candidate has gotten through all the items in the exam, the candidate then sees a final screen with the item numbers listed and the ones that are marked will be highlighted.

In the comment period at the end of the exam, these items remain highlighted. When the candidate clicks on any item, highlighted or not, they are taken to that item where there is a comment button that allows them to type their comments in a pop up box while viewing that item. (They cannot change answers while viewing that item.) This comment period is typically 30 minutes for a beta, 15 min for a live exam.