I have been told that the registration problem for 71-646 and 71-647 has been resolved (we heard you were getting a "this exam has reached its cap" type message, which was lies!). You can find the info on those betas, plus registration codes, here.

I thought I already poasted the info above but don't see it anywhere; if you get this twice I'm sorry. I'm on this loaner laptop; it keeps scrolling around at no provocation and is apparently choosing which of my posts it wants to publish, which is cheeky and annoying. In happier news, I'm eating a Friday afternoon Almond Joy, left by some building 18 benefactor and "made with chocolate * coconut * almonds;" a taste, if you will, of brighter times to come.

Parting Shot(s):

  • I'm leaving to catch the Tick, the Northwest's Premier Vanpool, in six minutes!

Your Number One Fan,