As of late last week, you can officially use exam 70-621 (upgrading from MCDST to MCITP) in place of 70-620 (Vista Configuring) anywhere it is allowed in a certification track. If you do not know what I’m talking about, then you do not care about this—don’t stress yourself out.


You can tell it is official, now, because we posted it to our web sites (see note in “Credit toward certification” sections, on prep guides linked below) and I’m told is reflected in your transcripts, etc. as of Friday morning. The gist, per this old post, is that 70-621 earns MCTS: Vista—and as such you should be able to use 70-621 to fulfill a 70-620 or MCTS: Vista requirement in another certification track. Spread the word to your MCDST peers and peerlets.





Customers who have taken both of these will be getting an e-mail from Microsoft Learning sometime this week, explaining the situation.


Speaking of things that can be used as other things, I’d like to point out the cert merchandise featured in this month’s MCP newsletter: an MCSE-branded Speaker Vase.

Vase Speaker

As it turns out, it is just speakers shaped like a vase. I guess. But I spent a bit of time staring at it, wondering about the use for speakers that are also a vase, and thinking that it would be difficult to top for efficiency. 


Unless we are talking about an MCSD-logo sweater, that can also be used as a white board, or a chain-saw, or something.


Too much?

Your thoughts?