Blogging best practice: Write half of your post in a language you do not speak and/or a language that does not exist.


Sorry about that. I've gotten Live Writer back now so hopefully is fixed.

In related news, I was trying to find the Live Writer team blog this morning, just to tell them that I plan to make a "I heart Live Writer" t-shirt, if they don't already have them by the thousands in a swag room somewhere (I'm sure I'm not the first to ask; who doesn't love Live Writer?). I found their blog, I think, but I can't find a way to post a comment or send a little e-mail compliment. Oh, don't mind me, just a fan of yours, is all. Nothing special. No big whoop.

Just one little fan.

I've amended my t-shirt design to "I heart Live Writer" (front of t-); "but no one wants to hear about it" (small type running down the left sleeve). Your thoughts?