Absolutely breaking news! Unless you already heard this from someone else, in which case, this is a breaking reminder!

Second shot (the offer that gives you a second chance to pass your exam--free--if you fail it the first time) is available until June 30, 2008.

Originally this was going to end on January 31, but it seems like it is making you guys happy, and helping you take (and pass) exams to get certified, which makes us happy. So, we (Microsoft Learning and Prometric) decided to extend it.

If you are already registered for the offer, I believe you'll get an e-mail explaining that you don't need to re-register--your current registration will be extended so you can use the offer through June. But I'm not quite sure how that all works, so look for that e-mail and don't listen to me.

Don't mind me, taking the rest of the day off to eat cake.

Your friend,