Yes. Exam 70-351: Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2006, Configuring:

  • earns a stand-alone MCTS certification, per this poast 
  • can also be used as a general elective credit toward your MCSA or MCSE on Windows Server 2000 or 2003
  • can be used as your security credit in Security specializations for MCSA or MCSE on 2000 or 2003, as 70-350 is.

As you know, now, there will not be a security specialization attached to Windows Server 2008. The security certifications have been broken out separately so you can, ah, specialize.

The elective tables for the certs above are being updated to show 70-351, and our business rules will catch up (if not already reflecting this) soon.


Related question

Do you know if we have a TK coming for 70-351?

Per our friends at Microsoft Press, no, there is no training kit in development for 70-351. Even though ISA 2006 is an exciting product for Microsoft, the certification audience for ISA exams is NOT huge, and the number of training kits that would go out in to the world don't warrant the resources to create one. Even though we know some of you would love to have it. This is true of several exams -- they focus on popular products but the certification audience is much smaller than the overall customer base.