I'm helping out at TechReady in Seattle in the evening tonight, which is nice. There are some Microsoft technical types here, too, doing practice tests and reading books so they can pass their exams this week in the test center next door.

All the technical Experts are upstairs at the Ask the Experts reception, experting up a storm, probably sipping on Hennessey, nibbling prawn puffs and dipping their fingers in little bowls of lemon water so as to not smudge their velvet jackets, playing billiards and exchanging bon mots, as Experts do.

Non-experts, on the other hand, are in the study hall downstairs, sitting quietly, drinking a diet coke and eyeing a brownie that is on the desk, but wondering if that would look very professional, to be a representative of Microsoft Certification with bits of brownie on outfit and fingers.

What would an Expert do, I ask myself.