If you are an MCDST, and if you happened to notice something get added to your transcript that shouldn't have been there, you might now notice that it is gone again. If you are not, and you did not, then your work here is done.


When we updated the 70-621/70-620 business rules, something in the system went funny and a few hundred people were briefly 'awarded' certifications for which they hadn't completed requirements--I understand that has now been corrected.

Thanks for your patience as we get all the new exams and certifications sorted, in this case, going back to allow your 70-621 upgrade exam to count as credit in many more cert tracks for you. And special thanks to those of you in the community who got in touch to make sure we knew about the mistake.

Not that you're usually shy about pointing out our mistakes.

But this time, it was like, you saw someone drop a twenty, and you picked it up and thought about how nice it was, to have that twenty, but then you tapped the guy on the shoulder and said, "Hey, man, you dropped a twenty," and the guy who dropped the twenty was like, "Nice, man. I appreciate that."