This just in: the Microsoft Learning homepage had a make-over today. Take a lookie loo.

In related news, Two Ladies (does anyone else love Cabaret?) from my team have started a blog about our web site*, content, usability, and other things. These bloggers are a little crazy and very clever, both.  They can give you the story on the homepage's new look and other things like Quincy lunchboxes. I like them a lot and I think you will enjoy reading whatever they choose to write.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you:

Josephine Lowry and Julie Lary: the Two J-Ls of Microsoft Learning

*In related news, I can never remember if web site is one word or two, capitalized or not, to the perpetual annoyance of one of said lady bloggers, who is Particularly Excellent at things like that. In related news, I also can't remember if homepage is one word or two.