I bet 80,000 blogs have pointed out that the virtual launch site for Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server 2008 is open now. it's like an online trade show, with British avatars pointing you around the place and little online "booths" and "flyers" and, if someone was thinking, extra little "men's rooms."

What you may not know is that we (Microsoft Learning) have a booth at the online show for attendees to learn about our training and certification related to the three products. You can follow the Community signs in the launch site to get to us, SQL Server, Visual Studio, or Windows Server team booths.

Oh, hello. Welcome to our booth. Here are some things happening:

MCTs* are presenting a live, 24 hour training session--this started an hour ago and will go for the next 24 hours. It will cover 4 rotating topics, one every 15 minutes and starting over every hour, so people can just come and go and get a little snippet of information, talk to real people, and take off to get a virtual ice cream when you get bored. Topics are

  • Virtualization (WS2008),

  • Improved Web Programming (VS2008)

  • Resource Governor (SQL Server 2008) and

  • Microsoft distance learning

I think it sounds fun, there are Microsoft Learning staff and trainers over in building 99 for the next 24, with food and drinks, ready to pull an all-nighter. I might go say hi if I have time after I finish staring out the window.

Via the launch, you can register for a free 2-hour Windows Server 2008 training (to be held in March) via our distance learning. This is a very cool, free way to get some high-quality training for you or your team, so pass it on...also some special offers, downloads, presentations, etc. etc. to check out in the "booth."

See you.

I mean, "see you."


*Cue Andy for comment