A question and answer session with the general manager of Microsoft Learning was just posted, if you want to check it out.

"...in the coming months we will launch a new testing experience based on the Windows Server Hypervisor technology. By leveraging our performance-based testing and the Hyper-V technology, this new testing program will enhance our ability to test on-the-job skills. We’ve been moving toward the practical, scenario-based testing model since 2005, but Virtualization will allow us to do some great new things. I think it will revolutionize the testing experience because the real world scenarios and tasks will basically become the test..."


Plus a few bits about Windows Server 2008 training...

• Training is available in 10 languages

• There are 600 hours of online training available on the Microsoft Learning web site

• Microsoft Press offers 28 different books pertaining to Windows Server 2008

• Microsoft has about 12,000 certified trainers around the world, plus 1,400 commercial and 3,500 academic training partners