1. E-learning course of your choice. You register and you'll get a promo code that you can use on one free e-learning course (not a collection) of your choice. I read that this is US only, but I would think the code you get will work anywhere our e-learning is available....? Choose from 1,400 hours of training on Vista, Office, SharePoint, Windows Server, SQL Server, Visual Studio + 200+ hours for home and office users, ala YT. Let your teams and friends know. Here's where you register.

<edited March 13> I know you have been having trouble with some of these courses... I just saw this amended to choose from whatever course you want as long as it is not part of a course "grouping" or course made up of more than about 12 hours, basically. I'm very sorry for the misleading post that had some of you pulling your hair out.

  1. Halo 2. I got it to give away at some point and never used it, but maybe one of you wants it (Halo 2, my friends, not 3, apparently earth will never be the same...). I'll mail it to the first person who wants it, as long as you know who said this: "Super Nintendo/Sega Genesis/when I was dead broke, man/I couldn't picture this"

<edited March 13> long gone!