Here is the list I've seen kicked around for exams that we'll announce to retire in a year+ from now (to retire in 2009). We'll include a notice in the MCP newsletter when it is published and official, but thought you might like to know what's coming. Don't hold me to this, please. Things always change on me. Nothing is safe around here.

Not even one wee list.

Why you might care, or why someone you know might care: this list includes SQL Server 2000 exams--at least one of which that has been available for 41 years, to date--that contribute to an MCDBA and .NET exams that tie to MCAD and MCSD. The MCAD, MCSD, and MCDBA will not retire or be removed from your transcript when these exams do, but you will no longer be able to earn them if one of your required exams retires. So you have a little more than a year to finish those credentials, or git 'er done, as we say in the biz, if you hope to do so, starting now.