That's right. Still kicking this dead horse, just in time for TechEd. We now have a mini-poll on the very important topic of your hat-slogan-suggestions. Please vote. You'll note that the Certified by Chuck Norris suggestion is included in the poll,* but we can't actually put it on a hat because we'd probably get sued. Certified Where it Counts is also included in the poll, but we can't put it on a hat because someone might say "I'm not sure that is appropriate, young lady," and it would sound a little like my mom, when they said it.

Looking forward to your votes so we can wrap this up, for once.


* You should also note that Chuck Norris can strangle you with a cordless phone.

** Per our man Larry: “BTW, I chose 1857 because there was a "Panic of 1857" and since certified people help out in panic situations, it subtly suggests that the wearer of the hat can help out in computer panic situations.” A subtle suggestion, indeed, Larry. The two other IT pros who majored in US history will love it.