I think I've said this before, but I just heard that our pages and systems have been updated to reflect the following changes, so thought I'd point it out again:

These exams/certifications... ...count toward:
MCTS: Office Communication Server 2007 (70-638)
MCTS: Forefront (70-557)
MCSA or MCSE on Windows Server 2000 or 2003
MCTS: Configuration Manager (70-400)
MCSE: Operations Manager (70-401)
MCSA or MCSE on Windows Server 2003
MCTS: ISA 2006 (70-351) Security specializations on MCSA or MCSE on Windows Server 2000 or 2003

My understanding is that all of these requirement updates should be reflected in your transcripts as of now. Is that true?IMGP4989

OT: I typed about meeting some of you nice people (Will, Richard, and Martijn) at one of our exam review sessions. I'm embarrassed that I got your names wrong, oh, don't mind me, about 15 times. This is us, in brighter days. 

Also slightly OT: I've spent a good chunk of today answering questions about exam retirements and a smaller chunk of the day talking to my friend Sarah who is having a baby in a few days. This theme has made its way in to my head in the form of The Final Countdown, by Europe, all day long. I'm imagining myself doing some kind of power-ballad leap off my desk, so I can finish this post standing over my keyboard with one fist raised up, pyrotechnics shooting off everywhere, and stuff. Intense!