But the number of certified professional page ain't one. Looks like it was just updated last week. Sorry for the delay from the last update; our friend Suzy, who does all the work around here, was double checking some suspect numbers. No eye contact; nervous laughter, you know the type.

Oh, don't mind me, piquing your interest with three bullet points as follows:

  • 754 people certified on OCS
  • 18 on Virtual Earth
  • 7,377 on WS2008 Active Directory

Speaking of Suzy. Something fun we're doing is investigative reporting. Next week we are going to take exams to find out exactly what you are getting from us, communications-wise, so we can compare to what we think happens/what we'd like to have happen. It will be very Magnum PI! If you see a red Ferrari pull up to the Bellevue Community College test center, and you see two ladies get out, and you notice they have 80s mustaches and look kind of like this:


Then it just might be us, investigating.