Did I tell you I went to an MC Hammer concert, back in the day? He wore those big pants.

But back to business. Someone has fancied up the info about the weekend in between IT pro and dev weeks at Teched, so now it is a little easier to see all the things that are happening, including:

  • $50 on site testing for anyone who walks in the door (don't have to be a conference attendee)
  • The boot camps I went on about a while back - for developers targeting exams 536 and 562*; and for IT pros targeting WS upgrade exams 648 and 649.
  • Train the trainer sessions - free for MCTs
  • a bunch of other things

Here is the page.


* THIS IS IMPORTANT**: 70-562 will not be live yet in June, so it is a special thing we worked out to make this available (in beta form) ONLY for people attending TechEd and attending this dev exam cram over the weekend. The real beta will have finished in advance of TechEd, I believe, but someone is working something to give you guys a chance to take it on site. You can't register in advance, however, since we'll be issuing a code on-site to allow you to take 70-562 at the TechEd test center only, only until June 8, i think. Then it closes - and won't be available until the exam's live date a while later (I think early early August). Another nice bit about this - if you take 562 on site it will be free. Now, I'm no mathematician, but I believe free < TechEdpriceof$50 < normalpriceof$125. But I'll let you do the math.

** So it probably shouldn't be a footnote.