I was typing this up in Wednesday's TechEd planning meeting. Typing in a meeting is rude. But I'm hoping it came across as endearing.

------------------------Test Center-----------------------------

If you are attending TechEd, you should already be signed up for an exam when you're there.

  • The test center is open for $50 exams both weeks and the in between weekend. Prometric's website says it is for conference attendees and weekend community people; i.e. if you're there over the weekend you can take exams, full-event attendee or not.
  • MSFT employees take exams for free on site. I think you should have just gotten an e-mail about that.
  • If you don't know what exam to take, ask us. But you should be studying now, it's coming up fast.


Remember the Influencer party last year? It was so rad! Wouldn't it be great if we did that again?


So fun!

OK! But we're not. The MVP team, our good friends who co-hosted last year, are doing a small event just for MVPs. The MVP team is very fun. So I'm sad we're not throwing down with them. But guess who else is fun, is the Vista Springboard team - and we're teaming up with them and TechNet Plus to have a party for you guys on Monday of the IT pro week. Oh, just a little party for MCPs.

Just a little something.

When I find out how you (that's YOU with a Microsoft Certification) sign up, I'll tell you--I think I'll have the registration info early next week so keep an eye out. Nothing locked for developer week parties but I'll keep you posted when I hear anything.


Microsoft Learning will be in the Virtual TechEd "fishbowl" every morning at 9:30 AM. to talk about Very Important Things. I don't know what yet. If you want to be in the fishbowl to talk about something--like how you just passed an exam at the test center, or how great you think I am--send me an e-mail, you can be the interviewee one morning.

--------------------MSL Booth---------------------------------------

All: We're giving away a DVD that has a bunch of training info and sample MS Press books and other stuff on it, AND a full, digital version of a book: Sharepoint Inside Out by Erin O'Connor ($49 retail value). Stop by the MSL booth to get a copy of that to take home.

MCPs: Bring your wallet card (or maybe a copy of your transcript?) to the booth to get your Certified hat (Smart As*, Hero, I am. You're not, Geek, or... wait for it... GeekGrrl). I think we'll give out a different design every day--maybe at a certain hour each day? Hmm. Needs some thought. Suggestions?