This comment was just typed in to the Live Meeting question and answer panel (we're in the middle of our 70-536 exam prep session with Susan Ibach): "Excuse-me, I´ve just joined and I´m not listening."

I believe the intent was "...and I can't hear anything," but really it's a great statement as written, applicable to most work meetings, family gatherings, political debates, and certainly all MSFT distribution list discussions. Excuse me, I've just joined. And I'm not listening. This is making me laugh out loud. Luckily, I'm very professional, so I've muted my phone. Susan accidentally called me Treeker earlier in the call, and that was enjoyable, too.

Oh, goodness.

Is anything funnier than a 536 exam cram?


PS I'll post the link to this session and the slides tomorrow sometime, I'm on my way back to the MSL booth mini-desk at the convention center for now. In related news, Susan is excellent.