I would like to poast what I've learned about the Microsoft Certified Master, but I am too busy sitting in a beanbag giving snarky hats to accomplished IT professionals, so I will just post the link to where you can learn more: www.microsoft.com/learning/mcp/master/default.mspx for now.

We're doing a Live Meeting with Per and Vicki (the people who just did the Masters presentation here at TechEd) on July 30, so sign up for that to learn more and ask your questions directly to the Masters team. Register for:

We also just published a press release that talks about Masters and our plans for virtualization. Check it.

Tomorrow Jim Clark, from the certification team, and I are doing a lunch session (Jim will be the one talking, I'll be the one behind him playing the tambourine) about Windows Server 2008 certification... and we'll talk about what's happening with virtualization certifications. We have more info to share than I just posted about Hyper-V, so come check it out:

12:00 Noon on Friday, (Subhead: When Most of You Are Tanning by the Pool or Flying Home)
Room N310E
What Ever Happened to the MCSE? - The Windows Server 2008 (and Virutalization!) Certification Story

See you there.