Hullo. Are you going to these TechEds? I am.

  • TechEd Australia will have a certification test center, I understand, so start studying, you only have a month left. Note: The only other time I was in Australia, I was attacked by a possum (see Figure 1) at Manly beach. Australia: Please get your possums sorted in advance of my arrival, for once.
  • TechEd New Zealand is sold out! I've been told that our team arranged for some of those Certified hats for you guys, so bring your MCP wallet card. Not that you wouldn't have it on you anyway, if you have a tiny shred of coolness in you at all. I hope to go to the Geek Girl dinner this time. They always sound interesting and fun.

<update aug 11> These are my sessions:

  •  GEN201 in Auckland: 02/09/2008 1:40PM-2:10PM
  • GEN201 in Sydney: 04/09/2008 10:15AM-11:30AM

It is very nice to be invited back, by ol' Coatsie and Tania and Mary and team, thank you! I think I'll be helping with certification-related stuff and maybe talking about certification at lunch time. Is there something you'd like to hear about?

Looking forward to seeing you all. Will be great. As.

Figure 1. Possum.