If you missed the MCP newsletter this morning, here's some news: the Second Shot offer is back on as of yesterday afternoon, courtesy of your friends at Prometric and Microsoft Learning.* [If you weren't aware that the Second Shot offer had ever gone away, here's some news: it did go away. And some more news: It's back again.]

So I think that's really good news.

<Fixed as of 8/5>In related, less-good and more-annoying news, I've heard that some of you are having trouble registering for the offer. Please do this:

  • On the first registration page, when it asks you Which role best describes your primary use of software and technologies? choose DEVELOPER. Nothing bad will happen, and you will be signed up. For whatever reason, this works. Like when your car won't start unless you open the glove compartment and lay on the horn at the same time. Or something.
  • Or, try and register again tomorrow--they're fixing the thing that's causing trouble. I'll update this poast when I get word that it's back to normal. I'm sorry if you tried to register and got stuck -- that's lame.** <Fixed as of 8/5>

Register for Second Shot for a free second change to pass your exam if you don't make it the first time...


* Second Shot is also back courtesy of R., who, in a comment on an earlier post, said: “Excellent offer.  Should be extended until June 2009 ;).” Our teams, who of course really respect R., were like, "Right. Good point. Let's do that." So, it's actually back courtesy of R. and your friends at Prometric and Microsoft Learning.

** I am going to start a little podcast series, where the content is just me, apologizing. It will be a 30 minute segment every day.